Friday, October 15, 2010

Goodbye France, Hello Ireland.

Leaving France today was a tearful occasion. We have met some of the most beautiful people imaginable on our tour; the cosmos group could not have been better. Looking back on the first day of the tour, I can't help but laugh! Tori and I were mortified and there were no others our age in the group of forty something travellers, but seven days later we were tearing up as we hugged everyone goodbye.
I always knew that France was going to be beautiful, everyone tells you so, but what I hadn't anticipated was to cross paths with people who have managed to eclipse the chateaux, the statues and the cathedrals.
Leaving was hard.
Well, let us just hope that the remainder of our tour is going to be just as successful.
I'll quickly try and recap on the last few days touring as the Internet here is FREE, a luxury we've not come across till now. I'll lap it up whilst I can... Anyway, Our favourites;
Honfleur was a beautiful little harbour town where we lunched and shopped. I took a whole roll of film there so one day, if I ever find a Kodak store, you may see it. Then there was the Chateau De Chenonceau... On the top floor was the bedroom of Louise of Lorraine, (the White Queen) which she had redecorated in a pious manner after the death of her husband to mourn. It was painfully devine. Mont St Michel was beyond words.
I'm sad the French tour is over... We had a great tour guide and driver who didn't hesitate socializing with the group after hours. It was all wonderful, down to the last detail.
We start our three day tour down to the South of Ireland tomorrow, so, off to bed we go. On the one part it is a relief to be in an English speaking country again, but on the other, I'll miss hearing the French language. Actually, I've had to stop myself from greeting people in French since arriving here... I accidentally said "merci" to an irish woman. She looked at me like I was a freak.
Missing and loving you all.

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