Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Loire Valley

Our French trip is coming to an end, which is bittersweet to say the least. We have met some beautiful people on tour, and have bonded more that anticipated. Tomorrow we leave the Loire and make our way back down to Paris, where we'll be spending our final night before flying off to IRELAND, of which we've assumed to be the epitome of our trip. It's going to be hard to top the cosmos tour though...
I realise that the blog entries are getting shorter and shorter... Merely, I'm being lazy. Sufficed to say, we are having a great time. I've begun to really miss home comforts, however, with that said those feelings become superfluous when you're walking through a chateaux or just eavesdropping on some strangers purely to hear a little French.
Love and miss you all.

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