Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sun Palace

So today we met our tour group which war rather hilarious... we're the youngest by a few decades... with that said Tori and I find that preferable. The tour is at a relaxing pace and most of the older folk are very sweet! We spent today visiting the palace of Versailles. Wow. It was the most breathtaking experience yet. I can't describe it in a way that will do it justice, you'll just have to wait for the photos. My favorite room was that of Queen Marie Antoinette. As well as beautiful, it was fascinating. One of the most bizarre things we were told by out guide was that the reason that the King and Queen slept in separate chambers was so that the public could keep tabs on when they were sleeping together, so as to be sure that all babies belonged to the King. We were told that there was a man who worked in the palace whose job it was to take this particular special cushion to the queen when the king wanted to visit her. The cushion would be left out side the room to indicate that the king and queen were sharing a bed that night.
I would say more but this French keyboard is frustrating me to no end.
Having a ball. Missing everyone.

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